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Our dining sets are the perfect option for those who need new chairs and tables. We offer Amish dining sets from three different brands, including Mavin Furniture, Urban Barnwood, and Yutzy Furniture. Each of our dining room furniture partners offers beautiful, handcrafted pieces with various color and style choices. With our wide selection of wood options like walnut, cherry, maple, oak, elm, and quartersawn oak, you will find dining room furniture sets to match any flooring or wall design.

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Custom Made Amish Dining Sets

Martin’s Amish furniture carries 3 different Amish furniture company brands including Mavin, Urban Barnwood and Yutzy Woodworking. Each brand has it’s own unique set of styles and design offerings.  Building a custom dining furniture set can become overwhelming with the sheer amount of options available including styles, sizes, wood, stains, table shape and leg styles. Our expert team is here to help guide you through the process to take the stress and overwhelm out of designing your perfect table. Below are some tips on what to start thinking about and the order in which we suggest you may your decisions. 

Selecting a Base Furniture Set

1. Select your chair or bench style first. It’s easier to match a table to the chair you like, since the options are more standardized in tables. 


2. What table top size do you need? How many leaves? How may people at minimum do you need to seat? 


3. Do you prefer a pedestal style table or a table with legs? If legs, what kind of style do you like?


4. What shape of table are you looking for?
Shape options are:

  • Square
  • Rounded Corners
  • Square Oval
  • Banquet 
  • Boat
  • Semi-Oval (Pedestal Only)
  • Oval (Pedestal Only)
  • Round (Pedestal Only)


5. What style of edge would you like?

  • O-GE
  • Half Round
  • Small Round Over
  • Bevel
  • Round Over
  • Mission
Table Leg Styles
Table Shapes
Edge Styles

2. Choose Your Wood

Based on the table and chair style you like the wood options may vary. The wood type selected has a impact on the price of your table. The following wood options are typically available:

  • Cherry
  • Retreat Cherry
  • Maple
  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Quarterly Swan
  • Distressed Wormy Maple

3. Select Your Stain

View the various stain options vary by brand. You can view the Stain Options at one of these links:

* Tip – Bring in a piece of flooring, door or cabinet when coming into the store so you can compare it with stain options and select the best one for you.

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